i spend most of my day watching, listening to, and thinking about shit that happens online. it’s steffi is a weeklyish combination of trendy little links and niche drama explainers you can take to brunch and flex on people with. it’s behind-the-scenes looks at my reporting, q&as with other terminally online people, and other formats and distillations of what i’m metabolizing from the world wide web. and it’s also just me popping up in your inbox to say, “hi!! it’s steffi!!”

about steffi

if you don’t know me, i’m currently a staff writer at forbes, where i cover the influencer economy and all things internet culture. before this role, i was reporting on the same beat at buzzfeed news (rip). you can check out my culture and politics work in teen vogue, bustle, mtv news, and the washington post, among others.

perceive me on instagram @stefficao. i’m always open to hearing your thoughts and suggestions on my socials!

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"aggressively sprite-like"